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Leading Fitness Equipment Suppliers Slender You Helping Thousands Build Successful Businesses}

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Across North America today, more and more women are becoming proactive about their personal fitness. This renewed focus on personal health has precipitated a marked increase in the number of available solutions from womens fitness equipment suppliers, each offering new innovations designed to product fit, trim and toned bodies. Within the fitness equipment supplier field in the United States, one company continues to lead the industry Slender You

Slender You was created in 1983 and has since gone on, not only to be the latest sensation in the womens fitness industry but also one of the largest suppliers of fitness equipment in the world. The company has, to date, opened over 4000 salons in 68 countries around the globe and this number continues to grow as more and more business opportunities arise thanks to the companys high-value equipment.

One of the great advantages to working with Slender You is that they are not a franchise. Unlike other organizations within the fitness equipment suppliers field they dont require royalty fees to be paid each month, or subscription fees. And of course no additional advertising fees are required because the organization includes all advertising needs as extras within their business packages. When a company purchases products through Slender You they make all the additional revenue that those products bring in, all the while simply leveraging the Slender You brand name to bring up more revenue for their company. Another leading reason why so many companies are implementing a Slender You solution within their business is that Slender you does not sell memberships. This means that customers can simply pay as they exercise, thus offering a superb alternative to high priced gym memberships and other fitness solutions. Its truly the leading fitness business solution available on the market today!

Whether companies wish to integrate the fitness products from Slender You within their own business or operate a standalone company using just the Slender You products, the company offers a broad range of business packages to suit every possible requirement. Each package includes the very best toning equipment on the market, each designed to meet the highest standards within the industry. Because they know that not all business owners will be prepared to integrated the Slender You fitness products within their company infrastructure immediately, the companys business packages come replete with a broad range of business tools designed to streamline the process. For example, Slender You offers their clientele complete on-site training.

All Slender You owners will receive at least 4-days of hands-on training from the companys in-house product team. This training includes all tutorials in general business operations management, client fitness analysis and toning machine operations and maintenance. Because Slender You is truly committed to helping their clientele succeed with their fitness business, they provide on-going customer support to ensure that clients have an expert to turn to for help with their unique business requirements.

Slender You has helped thousands around the world to become their own boss by running a successful fitness business. To find out how you can gain the freedom to run your own successful business and utilize the Slender You brand name to enhance your personal wealth, contact the team at Slender You today. A high revenue business opportunity awaits you!

About Slender You

Tennessee based supplier Slender You is one of the leading womens exercise equipment manufacturer and suppliers in the world. Since 1983, the company has opened up over 4000 locations worldwide. For more information, please go to Slenderyou.

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What Is Sap Sd And Organizational Structure In Sap Sd}

What is SAP SD and Organizational structure in SAP SD




The Sales and Distribution functionality in SAP ERP, with the help of integration with other functionalities such as Materials Management and Logistics Execution, covers the entire order-to-cash process of your company. This is also one of the oldest applications, which was part of the SAP R/2 version.

SD has evolved to be a very robust and flexible functionality of the core SAP ERP solution that today is very well complemented by the SAP Business Suite packages such as SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) covering the front end of business activities and customer interaction, and by SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) covering the distribution and delivery end.

Organizational Structure in Sales and Distribution

The SAP system allows complex multitudes of business units to be defined and to represent the functional and legal structure of your company. As described in previous sections, every business activity in the SAP system is transparent and may be recorded by multiple functionalities or components that use different enterprise structures supporting them in an integrated fashion. SD is integrated as well and joined with Financial Accounting, Materials Management, and Logistics Execution components such as Shipping & Transportation.

Sales Organization

The sales organization has an enterprise structure in logistics that’s defined for allocating goods and services. This structure can reflect the business appearance of your sales organization and copy regional structure or international layout. The SAP system needs at least one sales organization to be defined for the SAP SD module functionality to work. A sales organization has to be allocated to the company code for accounting to be integrated.

Bear in mind that more than one sales organization can be allocated to an individual company code. All activities within this structure are reported at the sales organization level as a summation level. The sales organization has its own address, currency, and calendar that can be different and unique to each sales organization you’ve defined.

Distribution Channel

The distribution channel identifies a unique way for your customers to obtain goods and services from your company, such as wholesale, retail, Internet sales, and so on. Through design, to use the SD functions, you need at least one distribution channel. A distribution channel doesn’t have calendars, addresses, or currencies to maintain. They’re defined in the origin object: the sales organization. Every distribution channel can span across one, some, or all of your sales organizations. You can also assign one or more plants to a combination of the sales organization and distribution channel, but you need at least one for SD to function. After you define the distribution channel, you’ll be able to do the following:

Define materials and services master data.

Create and maintain your customer master data.Allow for complex pricing strategies.Define determination of sales document types.Use the channel in sales statistics.


This SAP enterprise structure is usually based on a wide group of products or services. Just like a distribution channel, a single division can be assigned to multiple sales organizations, and you need exactly one division for SD to function. Your material and customer master data has members that are particular to the division, hence allowing you to maintain business activity restricted to a narrow group of goods and services.


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Finding An Excellent Senior Companion Service

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Your elderly loved one might have supported you or other family members for decades. Now may be your time to return the favor. However, due to family and work commitments, you may simply be unable to spend time around the clock with your elderly family member. A senior companion service is an excellent way to provide your loved one with the quality support he or she needs and deserves, thus giving you added peace of mind as well.


Before choosing a senior companion service, create a thorough job description that lists all of the functions you would like your loved one’s companion to perform. You also need to identify the level of experience, abilities, knowledge and skills you are expecting from the companion. Be sure to ask a prospective companion if he or she can work according to a certain defined weekly schedule and is willing to support, spend quality time with, listen to and help your family member. The caregiver also needs to be able to abide by your special instructions and receive any constructive criticism you may provide along the way.

Essential Qualities

The companion you select needs to be able to handle difficult situations responsibly and calmly. These may include health crises and multitasking. Ask potential caregivers what they would do in certain situations when caring for your loved one. The person should also be willing to respond in an empathetic manner when appropriate and give your loved one the proper respect. The ability to maintain confidentiality regarding private matters concerning your family member is a must as well.

Other Abilities

If your loved one is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, it is imperative that the senior companion you choose understands the condition in depth. Companions also should be comfortable with assisting your family member with bodily needs, such as going to the bathroom. They also must be able to lift your loved one without harming themselves. Finally, the individuals you choose should be background-checked, insured, licensed and certified.

By selecting the right senior companion service, you can feel confident that your loved one will remain in good hands in the months and years to come.

Capital City Nurses provides quality in-home care for seniors. To find out more, visit

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Why Does Your Family Need Geriatric Home Care In Potomac?

byAlma Abell

In Maryland, dire circumstances may result in families needing in-home health care. These circumstances could include a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. By choosing in-home health care instead of admission to a nursing facility, families can monitor the security of their senior. Geriatric Home Care in Potomac provides this opportunity to struggling families.

Maintaining Their Dignity

In-home health care professionals maintain the dignity of the seniors. They assist them with tasks that may cause them embarrassment in a nursing home situation. This may include bathing or management of a lack of bladder control. The in-home nurse assists the seniors to prevent these potentially embarrassing situations.

Immediate Health Care in the Privacy of Your Home

The in-home health nurse provides daily medical assistance to your senior. This includes checking their vitals as directed by their doctor and administering medication. They monitor the progression of diseases and determine when changes are needed. They remain in constant contact with the senior’s physician and report any issues that may arise. If the senior needs emergency medical assistance, the in-home nurse contacts the proper services to acquire this assistance quickly.

Giving Families a Helping Hand

Families who are trying to manage the care of a senior loved one may face challenges with balancing their lives and care. This is why it is vital to hire an in-home nursing professional. These nurses can stay with the senior throughout the day and night. This allows family members to manage vital tasks such as their job, children, or running their own household. The nursing professionals give these family members a much-needed break.

Assistance With Daily Tasks

The nursing professional helps the senior perform all daily tasks. This includes grooming, brushing their teeth, and getting dressed. They assist them with exercise that was recommended by their doctor as well.

In Maryland, families may need help in managing the care of a senior loved one. These requirements can take their toll on families when their senior is diagnosis with Alzheimer’s Disease or a life-threatening illness. Families that need geriatric home care in Potomac should contact Specialty Care Services today for more information about these opportunities.

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