Cat Trees That Look Like Real Trees

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Cat owners know the intense joy having a cat companion can bring, but also the many problematic behaviors indoor cats can exhibit. Cats have the natural instincts to scratch, climb and sit up high in order to survey their surroundings. These instincts served the domestic cats ancestors well as wild animals in the outdoors. Cats prefer to perch up high in order to survey their surroundings in order to watch for predators and other threats to themselves and their young. A cat s natural urge to scratch allows for them to mark their territory. When a cat scratched, they use the scent glands in their paws to release their pheromones onto the object.

When the domestic house cat exhibits these characteristics, it can cause much stress for cat owners. These cat instincts often result in destruction as well. Scratched furniture, shredded carpets and curtains and broken valuables from jumping and climbing are common in households with cats. Cats need an area of their own to scratch, nap, climb and jump upon.


Cat trees that look like real trees offer this stimulating and comfortable area for a cat and peace of mind for their owner.

Cat trees that look like real trees not only curb undesirable cat behaviors, but also help your cat stay healthy. Cat trees that look like real trees encourage your cat to do all the jumping, scratching, stretching and climbing they desire. This frequent exercise prevents a cat from becoming overweight. It also aids in keeping their joints flexible, which is especially important for aging cats. Allowing your cat to engage in this important exercise will keep your cat lively, young and playful for years to come.

Many cat trees that look like real trees contain safe synthetic leaves for your cat to chew on, saving your fresh flowers and indoor plants. Many also offer sisal rope or natural bark for your cat to enjoy scratching with no destruction to your home. Many cat trees that look like real trees are personally designed for each customer and serve as unique home decorations. Instead of carpeted wood boxes and poles in the corner of the room, a cat owner can display a forest-like oasis that doubles as both a quality home furnishing and a fun and adventurous place for kitty.

One of the bad parts about cat trees is that they are often hard to find and purchase. Although a number of major retail stores offer cat trees, it is hard to find cat trees that look like real trees. Luckily there are a number of sites that custom make them at a resonabile price. Now, any pet lover can get special cat trees that match their unique personality. It is obvious that any cat lover will want to get a cat tree for their cat. Therefore, it is best to get a custom, or unique cat tree that shows that you are not only a caring owner, but a creative one as well. Now, if you are looking to find cat trees that look like real trees, it is easier than ever to find what you are looking for!

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