Buying A New House? A Real Estate Lawyer In Hunters Ville Nc Can Help You Sell Or Lease Your Current Home

byAlma Abell

Selling a house is not always easy. If your house has been on the market for a while with no prospective buyers, a Real Estate Lawyer in Huntersville NC can help you explore your options so you won’t have to pay two mortgages while you wait for a buyer to make a reasonable offer on your home.


One of the most popular alternatives to selling is to rent your home to someone else. A lawyer can help you prepare to be a landlord by drafting lease documents and advising you on how to screen tenants and handle various property issues. Real estate attorneys are well-versed in landlord-tenant law and can help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities as the property owner. If you ever need to evict a tenant, your lawyer may help you file the appropriate documents with the courts.

Perhaps you want to sell your home without an agent. You will have to handle the tasks that real estate agents routinely do for their clients. Duties such as determining the asking price for your home, setting up open houses and evaluating offers can be done more easily with the help of a Real Estate Lawyer in Huntersville NC. When you find a buyer, a Real Estate Lawyer at Lake Law Office of Huntersville NC can ensure that all of the legal matters are handled appropriately so you can transfer the property to the buyer without worrying about future complications.

Some property owners who are unable to find qualified buyers offer a lease option for their home. Because these kind of contracts are complicated, involving a lawyer from the beginning of the contract process can ensure that you don’t have any surprises after the contract is signed.

When you need help with the legal aspects of a real estate transaction, it is important to choose a law office, such as Lake Law Office PLLC, that focuses on real estate law. Having an attorney can ensure that you have someone advocating on your behalf who understands the intricacies in the law that pertain to real estate transfers, rental contracts and lease to own agreements.

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