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Submitted by: Paula Gerie

Healthy eating and weight loss is a hot topic dominating our time; everything we do and everywhere we go has now become affected by how healthy it is. When the summer months spring upon, it is important that we are all looking and feeling the part. The entire year has now become dedicated to achieving that ideal summer body we all crave. But how do we continue with this regime we have devoted ourselves to once summer has dawned upon us? All of those food drenched BBQs hosted by the family and days out dining with friends will surely put a spanner in the works, wont it? Possibly not!

BBQs such as the Weber Genesis e330 or a Weber Spirit Premium S320 which can be purchased from Weber accessories online, can actually offer the ideal opportunity for us to eat healthier (believe it or not!). Not only is it guaranteed to taste great, but food can be whipped up in a matter of minutes; in fact, the chances are it will probably take longer to flare the BBQ up!


Summer is the perfect time to pull out that mean grilling machines and get the family and friends over for a good old knees up! Unsurprisingly we say BBQ and immediately thoughts are damaging; Sausages, wings, burgers, calories and fats?! Worry not, your thoughts got completely carried away and forgot about the amazing chicken breasts, fish fillets, fresh vegetables and fruit! Yes, thats right, we said fruit! All of these, when cooked will not fail to tickle your taste buds! Even BBQs have the potential to deliver healthy and nutritious meals without an ounce of guilt flying your way. If you deem anything from kebabs (chicken and vegetable), to marinated chicken and fish, asparagus and potatoes unhealthy, you are not entirely normal and probably cannot be helped. We joke of course! On a serious note, these are all types of foods that can be cooked on the BBQ in no time at all and will not threaten your health in the slightest. Dont forget you can buy your own sides such as low fat potato salads and coleslaw to accompany main meals as well making a green, leafy salad complete with a delicious dressing.

And now you are no doubt thinking Well, what about dessert?! You lot arent easily pleased are you?! Well you cannot go wrong with a fruit salad on a blistering hot summers day! Slice and dice some fine, fresh fruit, anything you fancy and finish the dish with a cool and creamy, low fat yoghurt. Simple! Alternatively, whilst the BBQ is cooling down, fruits can be wrapped up in foil, placed on the grill for several minutes and left to cook. As the fruit cooks, juices will begin to flow, leaving you with a warm, sticky fruit salad which can be topped with a dash of syrup for extra flavouring.

Experimenting with your BBQ is the way forward; cooking can be fun and exciting as well as healthy. Never let the prospect of a stereotypical BBQ get the better of you, there are always alternatives! Low fat, flavoursome and nutritious foods pave the way for a great BBQ. Try to avoid BBQ sauces when cooking healthy meals and stick to herbs and spices to marinade your meats; these will leave chicken tasting tender and full of flavour. It is a common fact that grilling is an ideal way of cooking that reduces fat; cooking lean meats with little marinade and serving with vegetables will lend you the perfect, healthy BBQ.

About the Author: An avid BBQ and outdoor grill specialist; Paula has dealt with varieties of high quality barbeques including

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