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How To Increase Your Height With Self Hypnosis

By Chris Chew

Do you know that it possible to grow taller through self hypnosis? Let me guess.You are reading this article because you want to increase your height but at the same time finding it hard to believe that hypnosis can actually help you to grow taller, right?

You see, there are many myths surrounding the concept of hypnotism and this is because of movies, comics and reality shows which exaggerate the effects of hypnotism to give it some commercial value and entertainment. That is why many people think that when you are under hypnosis, you are under the control of the hypno-therapist. This is certainly untrue.

On the contrary, hypnotism is already a recognize form of holistic care and therapy helping millions of people all over the world to lose weight, quit smoking, get rid of anxiety, alleviate depression and even grow taller. Yeah, you read that right.

Most major hospitals even have hypnotherapy departments to provide patients who choose hypnotism as a form of holistic therapy for their diseases and rehabilitation management.

When you are under hypnosis, you are in a state of total relaxation just like when you are about to fall asleep or have just woken up in the morning. You are in full control of your mental faculty and you can wake up and walk away to attend to any other chores immediately if you choose to do so. Yes, its just that simple.


It is during this half sleep half awake state that your hypno-therapist will suggest positive thoughts to your subconscious mind to heal yourself, get rid of negative bad habits and irrational fears like fear of flying or fear of examination, bad eating habits to lose weight and even grow taller etc.

We all know that our thoughts and feelings influence our bodies through the nervous system and the circulatory system pathways. Our brains communicate with our bodies through the nervous system by sending nerve impulses to the body’s cellular tissues and influence their behavior. Your brain thus in this way is able to affect the behavior of every part of your body with its nerve endings extending right into your bone marrow which generate white cells to combat diseases, your thymus, spleen and lymph nodes, glands of your endocrine system, bones, muscles, internal organs, veins and arteries. In other words, all parts of your body.

Your subconscious mind of yours even control and influence the functions of your body even when you sleep such as your breathing, heart beat, digestion system etc. That means that your entire body is literally “wired” by your subconscious mind.

Your brain is also a gland as it produces thousands of chemicals and hormones to be released into your bloodstream so that these chemicals circulate throughout the body and influence the activities of your body tissues at the cellular level. These cells are equipped with receptors that receive the chemicals being released by the brain and respond to them accordingly.

Since this part of your brain is so amazing and can do such wonders to your body, hypnotism is one of the ways we can reach this part of the brain to instruct it the way we want it to behave or suggest to it to increase the production of HGH (human growth hormones) and IGF (insulin like growth factor) in order for you to grow taller.

Therefore, is it possible for you to increase your height even when you are past your growing age? Well, from the physiological point of viewpoint, based on the intelligent design of human brain, especially your subconscious mind in relation to the body, it is therefore definitely able to create cartilage formation, generate bone and muscle growth that can lead to an increase in height at any age.

That being the case, it is thus very possible that you can increase your height and grow taller with self hypnotism. If you do some research into this subject, there are numerous testimonies of people growing taller with the help of hypnotherapy.

However, most people are unable to tap into the power of hypnotherapy to grow taller because hiring good hypno therapist is a very expensive affair. Furthermore, you most probably will not get the results you want with just one visit to your hypnotist’s clinic and repeated visits will cost you a lot of time and money.

Now, the good news is that instead of visiting real life hypnotist for consultations, you can now perform self hypnosis in the comfort of your own home at anytime that you want. By doing this, you can save yourself tons of time and money.

About the Author: Chris Chew is a celeb fitness personal trainer and author. He will show you how to increase your height at How Can I Grow Taller and How To Increase Height With Self Hypnosis


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Those Regular Doctors Visits Could Save Your Life}

Those Regular Doctors Visits Could Save Your Life


Ethan C Kalvin

An apple a day will keep the doctor away or so the saying goes and if you are looking for a way to really keep the doctor away then don’t just eat the apple but also take the time to visit your family physician regularly to keep tabs on your health. Many individuals think that simply because they receive a clean bill of health each time they go in for an annual check up that these visits are pointless, however, it is important to realize how much information these visits can truly provide you with.

Included in most regular physical visits is usually some blood work or at the very least a urine-analysis that can not only provide information to the doctor but also to you as well about how well your body is functioning. Sometimes from the outside it may seem that everything is going well but issues like high cholesterol or diabetes do not always present with symptoms and even if your body is just moving in a healthy direction you can better keep tabs on these very important numbers by having them assessed by your doctor at least once a year.When it comes to regular doctor’s visits it may surprise you how important that paperwork they have you fill out actually is. As a matter of fact with this information your doctor may be able to point you in a direction of health or help you discover some health issue that you may not even realize exists. One of the ways in which this paper work is most effective is by comparing the old documents to the new ones to compare any new health issues that have come up. Many times if a patient is asked if any health issue is new they will answer no however, if you compare the old and the new sheets you will likely find that the person has changed some of their health information and honestly this is the case with most patients after an entire year has passed.Don’t overlook or ignore the obvious questions concerning height and weight as they are very good health indicators. Weight gain or loss is also connected to many different illnesses and diseases. A change in skin color or nail condition is a story that is waiting to be told concerning your health so take it serious.Annual checkups should be treated with respect and value. They are great at bring all the vital information year after year to a central location and is easily reviewed and very helpful to the doctor. The doctor will be better equipped to be a sounding board for any questions you might have about health issues that concern you. Genetic factors as well as lifestyle choices have a major impact on your health. Realizing the importance of this vital information and the honesty in answering paper work questionnaires can help you achieve a happier, healthier and longer life.

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Those Regular Doctors Visits Could Save Your Life}

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Personal Injury Claims Statistics: Is There A Compensation Claim Culture In The United Kingdom?}

Personal Injury Claims Statistics: Is there a Compensation Claim Culture in the United Kingdom?


Caroline Anderson

An important ulterior goal is to give at least a preliminary evaluation of the contention that both the number and the cost of claims have been driven to record levels. If the figures bear this out, it would lend support to those who consider the UK to be gripped by a compensation culture, and undermine the Governments view that, although the compensation culture is a myth, the publics erroneous belief that it exists results in real and costly burdens.

Compensation Recovery Unit statistics say that the number of claims has increased only by three per cent in the last five years. The more detailed figures reveal that not all types of injury have reflected in this small increase. In particular, it is notable that accident claims have actually declined, and it is the substantial rise in claims for disease that accounts for the overall increase.

The Insurers Bodily Injury Awards Studies. Throughout the period studied, legal costs, including both claimant and defendant costs, averaged 30 per cent of the total motor personal injury claims. This means that legal costs continued to increase by more than double the rate of the rise of national average earnings.


National Health Service statistics provide that there has undoubtedly been a very great increase in clinical negligence claims in the last 30 or so years. The Pearson Commission reported in 1978 that the number of claims of malpractice against doctors and dentists (including those in private practice) had been running at about 500 a year. By 1990-1991, the estimated number of new medical claims made against the NHS in England had risen to between 5419 and 6979 for the year. The Oxfordshire study reported a steady growth in new claims in the period 1974-1998. In answers to Parliamentary questions in 2005, the number of claims made from 1996-2004 was broken down, using information supplied by the NHSLA. These figures confirmed the continuation of the downward trend in claims numbers that has been evident in recent years. They now are close to the lowest estimate for the year 1990-1991, coming down from a peak in the period 1997-2002.

Cost of claims.

A complete picture of the NHSs annual expenditure on clinical negligence compensation in England is available from 1996. This reveals a general upwards trend up to and including the year 2004-2005. The figures are startlingly higher than those available for the start of the 1990s, when the annual cost of clinical negligence compensation was reported to have been GBP 53.2 and GBP 51.3m in 1990-1991 and 1991-1992 respectively. Even these are very much higher than the estimated figure for 1974-75 of GBP 1m. In claims for clinical negligence that were closed by the NHSLA in 2004-2005, defence and claimant costs were equal to, respectively, 13.76 per cent and 19.81 per cent of damages.

Outstanding liabilities for clinical negligence.

One of the most frequently misapplied statistics in the current compensation culture debate is the annual estimate of the NHSs outstanding liabilities for clinical negligence (including both known and unknown but expected claims, and taking into account the likelihood of settlement). This has risen from GBP 3.2 billion in 1999 to GBP 5.9 billion in 2003 and GBP 7.8 billion in 2004. The figures refer to liabilities that the NHS claims will arise over a longer period of time, and are very much greater than the sums that are actually paid out on an annual basis. Estimating the cost of outstanding liabilities is an exercise that is fraught with difficulties and the resulting figure representing a worst case scenario has been heavily criticised. Although the estimate of outstanding liabilities is frequently cited in the press and media, it must be handled with care. It would be quite wrong, for example, to use it to calculate the percentage of the annual NHS budget that is currently spent on clinical negligence compensation.

These figures provide the basis for an initial examination of the claim that a damaging compensation culture has developed in the UK in recent years.

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Personal Injury Claims Statistics: Is there a Compensation Claim Culture in the United Kingdom?}

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